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Time for a change up. A lot has happened since I last looked at my website. It is clearly time for a change. New stuff coming. Book and Cd reviews. New interviews. Its all coming. Keep a watch right here. 2018 is gonna kick ass. Will even have some guest bloggers. Stay tuned. Stay metal.

Nothing Is Free, Especially Time!


There comes a time when one has to draw a line when it comes to doing things for free. There will always be those people that you could never take money from and those are usually the people that wouldn't ask you to do favors either. Some people on the other hand see no harm in asking for a favor that usually ends up taking a huge amount of your time. The thing about someone asking for a favor is that the person never seems to accept the possibility of the answer being "no".

What Are You Missing?


So, you finally got your promotion. You have been working for years to get where you are now. You may even have friends over to celebrate or you may be out having a few drinks with those friends, but as everyone heads home and you are finally alone with your thoughts. What do you think of? Sure, maybe for a moment you may smile to yourself, but then as that thought fades to make room for reality, that empty feeling comes back. Why? What are you missing? You thought that empty feeling would go away once you got that promotion. You thought that it was just because you spent so much time away from your family and life in general and that once you reached your goal, that empty feeling would go away. Now that the celebration is over the thoughts come rushing back. The feeling is familiar, you know it well. You had it before. You filled it with countless hours away from life, holed up in the office trying to get that promotion, thinking that it was what was missing.

Actually, you started working so many more hours to try to escape that emptiness and made yourself believe that it was for the better. You made yourself believe that if you could make more money, you could provide a "better" life for you and your family. Do you remember that night on your sons 16th birthday? Remember when he was counting on you to be at his birthday party but you couldn't because you were working late. You said that you would make it up to him, but you can't make up a 16th birthday. Do you remember your daughters prom night? Remember how you said that you would be there at the house to take pictures when her date showed up? You called her on the phone to say that you had an important meeting and couldn't get home for several more hours. What about the wife who was counting on you to be there to share these special moments together, yet you left her feeling alone and lonely. But, wow! You got that promotion! That should fix everything right? Where is your family? Let's see. Your son got married and lives about 3 hours away. Your daughter is a senior in college and is engaged to be married. All this happened while you were at that meeting. Where is your wife, or should I say ex-wife. Once the kids were gone, she figured that if she was going to be lonely, she could do that just as easy without you. She left you two years ago.

So here you are, alone with your thoughts. What was it that makes this emptiness feel so familiar. When did you first notice it? Remember getting the game ball that night in your senior year as your football team celebrated winning the championships? You looked up in the stands for your fathers approval, but he wasn't there. He was at a meeting. Emptiness. Remember graduating college and thinking that it was all down hill from there? Emptiness. Remember thinking that once you got married, you would feel fulfilled? Emptiness. What about thinking that when you had kids that the circle would be complete? Emptiness.  You have spent your whole life searching for the missing puzzle piece. Always finding your old friend, Emptiness. You have to understand, he has always been there for you.

So what are you missing? Is it the new car? The new job? The new TV? These things will fill the hole of emptiness for a very short time. Actually, they don't. They just help to take your mind off of it for a while and when you slow down enough to think, ole Emptiness is sitting right there beside you.

Why won't this feeling go away? What is it?

Let me introduce you to "Contentment". 

Latest News!


I just finished recording the song "Harbor City" for the upcoming Dead Serios tribute album entitled "They're Not Joking", scheduled for release in January, 2015. I was blessed to have Dead Serios drummer Scooter Greenbud bringing the thunder to the drum tracks. Also former Dead Serios guitarist Phil Billingsly on rhythm guitar laying down the rock solid guitar tracks and bass virtuoso, J.R. throwing down the bass lines. I also got former UFO guitarist Paul Chapman playing the leads.

The End of Television


 Just a quick look into how internet TV is gaining popularity and putting mainstream television on the backburner for the younger generation and even more mature audiences. With various programs such as YouTube, which has over 35,000 videos uploaded every day and over 40 million videos watched every day, and Slingbox as well as file sharing technology like BitTorrent offering a plethora of ways to deliver video content, viewers are finding sudden gratification in being able to watch what they want, when they want instead of being force fed what mainstream media has to offer. Television is even delivered to cell phones and other mobile devices such as Ipads and Ipods. One has to add podcasts to this variety of internet TV as well and with all this technology, it is bringing out individual artists and movie makers who may have never been discovered or even given a second glance by network TV. Websites for independent music artists and the over all music lifestyle such as www.wmetv.com , are catering to the world of music entertainment. You just don't see that on mainstream TV.

 The pressure is on and network television is feeling it. It is forcing them to think outside the box. To come up with new ideas to capture viewers, but I think that with the newer generations, all hope is already lost. They don’t want to conform to old ways of watching TV. They are the ones who welcome the new technology. They are the ones that show us old folks how to use that technology and us old folks are the ones who are set in our ways and don’t want to try the new stuff. We don’t have the time or the patience. Just as cable tv put the crunch on network tv in the ‘80’s, internet television is putting the squeeze on mainstream television. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of television? Definitely in the way that we know it.

Why I Write


  Writing is the best way, I think, to describe feelings, tell stories or just make a point. Putting pen to paper captures the emotions of the writer. It remains my default outletI started writing as a child after reading some poems that my mother had written. I remember how she would make things sound so beautiful or make you feel that you were experiencing that warm summer day that she was writing about or smelling the salty air as she wrote about walking down the beach. You could almost feel the sand between your toes. I would wonder how she could describe something so well and yet keep it so simple. You could tell that she was writing from her heart.

   As I started writing the old “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” stuff, I soon realized that this was not going to end up being very good material and started writing about my emotions. Whenever I went through something difficult, I would write how it was making me feel. At first it wasn’t poetry but more of a way of venting because I didn’t feel that my parents would listen to me if I tried to tell them anyway. As years went by, I started to challenge myself to turn my writings into poetry so that if someone did read it, they wouldn’t think I was some messed up teenager but someone that was very creative. I got to where my writings, when read, would seem that they could be about anyone. Sometimes I try to put myself in someone else’s shoes and write what I think they must be feeling or going through. These writings would often make people think that I was writing about them and wasn’t always well received but got comments either way.  I still write these poems, a lot of them come from an angry, dark place. I am not inspired so much with the corny love poems, but do occasionally write one.

   In my early twenties, I found my way into the local music scene. I got bored with learning to sing cover songs. Most of the guitar players that I worked with had original songs that they had written, but without lyrics. I would pull out these poems and tweak the words a bit and add a chorus. Before I knew it, I was writing all the lyrics in the bands that I played in. Some guys that I knew from other bands would ask me to write lyrics for them as well. I literally have hundreds of pages of lyrics and poems and add to them often.

   The reasons that I write vary, but mainly it is to document feelings and circumstances and views. I keep a dream diary and will wake up in the middle of the night to write in it. I love to write. Life brings about many events that inspire me to write. My writing has evolved from those early years and my topics are more serious now whether writing about becoming more spiritual and less religious or my views on the afterlife or just simply a breakup. I have to find a different way to describe that “Red Rose”:

  We all go through tough times, some more than others. I chose to use those times as inspiration to write, even when things seem hopeless. When things are going well, I don’t usually write about it, I just enjoy it. I am sure that there will be more “inspiration” as life goes on.

The Evolving Saga


I was going back through my post from May and it still amazes me that things are still changing. I wonder how someone grows away from something. It's amazing to me that someone can love something so much and be so dedicated to it, but over time start losing their passion for it. Why do we grow away from things? Why do we lose our passion for things? I am talking about music and playing music, because for me it was all I wanted to do. Singing in a metal band was my passion. It was what inspired me, but somewhere along the way, I started to lose interest and I quit putting in the effort. I can't quite put my finger on the turning point. It just gradually happened. There were a few life changing moments that had nothing to do with music that did make me simplify the things that were truly important, but I always thought that my music and lyrics were important because I had so much to say and it was my way of venting.

Going back to school to get my degree became important. I knew that I would never make it playing music. I have seen so many bands come and go, people that have basically sold their soul for music and have their band fall apart only to have to start the chasing of the dream all over again. I can't do it. I have been there too many times. So many in fact, that just getting up on stage and singing a song does nothing for me anymore. I know to put a band together again would take a lot of work to be done right. It would require a lot of late nights, personnel changes, writing, rehearsing, drama. I no longer have the interest for it. About the closest I am willing to get to the music scene now, is shooting photos of live bands. That can be fun and I am getting into the photography thing more and more through school as well as video editing. I have a chance to make a living doing this and will continue to perfect my craft. It's a welcome change and a positive one. I have mad respect for people who continue to chase their dreams. At least they know what they are. I just know that I am supposed to be somewhere else, not here.

Fond Memories


It’s been a while since I had anything to write about. It’s also been a while since I had the time to sit down and put my thoughts on paper. I really don’t know what direction this writing will go in, but, I know the words will find their path.

I was talking to friend the other day about the old days. We talked about growing up in our neighborhood and things that we did when we were younger. What fond memories they are and that is what they should remain. He said to me “You know, Ty, I wouldn’t give two cents to live those days over but, I wouldn’t take a million dollars for the memories.”

It got me thinking and he was right. Those times are what made us. The good times, the bad, the new relationships, the break-ups are what shaped us and there is a reason why they are in our past. I try to learn from my mistakes and not make them again. I am not saying that everything I did was a mistake, but in a way it was because I was doing things from a lack of experience and wisdom. When I look back it seems that everything was just practice. It was getting us to a place that was real. We had to find the things that worked and figure out the things that were no good. I guess that is life. Just trying to figure it out as we go. Some people catch on and some don’t. I can honestly say that I am not the same person that I was as a teen or young man in his twenties. Sure, there are still some tell-tale personality traits such as my twisted sense of humor and that I still love imported beer. But, I like to think that my life choices and just life in general has made me a much gentler more patient person. I think that I make better choices and have better friends. While I don’t hang with the same people as when I was younger, it’s always good to see them again. I may take a drive through the old neighborhood from time to time and look at the house that I grew up in. It always makes me smile. My old friends, I love them like family and love seeing them from time to time but my path has taken me in another direction and has brought new people into my circle. It has taken me from a surfing life into music and now I see that changing more and more. We continue to evolve and the things we used to love, well, they evolve as well. There are game changing moments both good and bad. Some make you happy to be alive and some make you stop dead in your tracks and take a second look at yourself. Either way, those are the moments that remain. That party that you were at the other night was a good time and you may have pictures to remind you but someone in that room had their life changed that night and will remember that moment differently for the rest of their life. When you see your old friends and you see the lines on their face and some gray hair, remember that their life kept going on for them too. They had a different trail to blaze. The journey winds on and some are weathering a storm and some are enjoying the calm before the storm, it goes on and on. The past is the past and you can’t go back, don’t try. Accept what lies ahead and take a path less traveled, enjoy the scenery because this too, will be just a fond memory someday.

Dreams pt.2


As I looked in the mirror, I smiled knowing that this was the person that I was gonna have to deal with all day. Yeah, there would be others but, bottom line was that none of them would be riding home with me. I knew that I could listen to Slayer if I wanted, talk radio, or I could sing to myself without hearing anybody's opinion.
Suddenly the reflection didn't look familiar it was just an empty shell and a feeling of emptiness took over. I couldn't pinpoint it. I retraced everything from my dream to my private life, which is pretty good. I thought about my job, which I like, my health, which sucks but could be worse. Things are pretty good compared to some. So what is it? I thought of my dream and searched that path in my mind for a trail leading off that I might have missed. Should I be content in the fact that I got a glimpse of what was at the bottom of that cliff? Am I being selfish for trying to get more? Why couldn't I find a way off that cliff? I had enough questions that I could fill that emptiness with. But,it comes back and I still can't put my finger on it. That idiot in the mirror was still looking at me and smiling. Why the fuck is he smiling? He doesn't care, he's just a reflection. And again I ask more questions. Why do I write this crazy shit? Does anyone actually read it? Will anyone notice that I am not this reflection.
Why the hell do I have this empty feeling?
Time to get to work. I jump in my truck and head down the road. Damnit, my gas light just came on.




Current mood:calm

Ever had one of those dreams that stayed with you? You know, the ones that feel so real you'd swear that they really happened. The other night I found myself in a strange place. I was by myself and was walking down a path. It had trees and stuff all around but only went straight ahead. There were no side paths so the decision of which way to go was pretty easy. I kept walking for what seemed an hour or so, all the while looking around and checking out everything around me.
I finally came to a clearing, and as I walked out, I realized that it was the end of the path as it came to the edge of a cliff. I walked out to the edge and looked down. It seemed as if I was looking down into heaven. A very majestic waterfall, animals drinking from the water, birds singing. I could almost feel the spray from the waterfall.
Problem being, I was still much too high up and the cliff was pretty steep. No way to climb down, couldn't jump. As I stood there and wondered how the hell I was going to get down there, I looked back at the path that led me to this cliff and this beautiful view. I thought that there was a trail somewhere that I missed, so I took off running back down the path. It seemed as if I ran forever but the path just kept going with no end, so I sat down and thought for a while. I just had to get down to that beautiful place. I bet I ran down that path and back to the cliff a dozen times. I finally settled on the cliff and looked down.
Damn it, I was getting frustrated. I wondered why I couldn't get to this place of my dreams and then it came to me. It wasn't mine to have! So I stared at it for a while, took it all in and smiled. I turned back to the path and started to walk knowing that I was lucky to get that close.

Weird, Huh ?

Who Are You?


I always wonder who else feels like this? This is an older writing of mine but felt it worthy of reprinting.

I have often wondered about the person behind the mask. Why does he wear it? What does it hide? Is he an innocent soul inside, who thinks that everyone is his friend and that no one would ever hurt another living creature? Would he be the one that would offer a smile and a hand up to anyone that needed it while he falls apart inside and hopes that someone would see through his one act play and come to the rescue? Is the mask the mask of a tough guy who can handle anything and make everyone think everything is ok in his world?
Maybe it's the opposite. Maybe the mask hides an angry man who thinks that he has been shortchanged in life and everyone deserves an extra dose of hard times to make it even. Would the mask then reflect a more spiritual character who IS everyones friend but reaches out his hand thinking that everyone will get theirs and he wants to be there when their world crumbles around them so he can get his kicks in. Either way, the person I look at in the mirror in the morning is the last person that will see the real me. Every defense, every hurt, every experience that I go through adds another layer to that mask. Slowly, it demenishes from that reflection in the mirror, taking pieces of innocence and hope with it. It makes me the person that others see. Do I want them to know what lies behind the skin of that perfect mask? Or does it fit too well? Sometimes I get caught with it fitting loosely and some may get a glimpse of the hidden child. I then catch myself and pull that mask tighter. I have a moment every now and then of weakness, maybe someone made me feel too comfortable and I get caught without my mask, maybe someone will take advantage of me but the mask keeps the madman hidden.
The mask hides the nice guy, the mask hides the madman. The mask portrays who I have to be to exist in this world of selfishness and hostility. I take the mask off before bed but it is within my grasp. I just dont know what color it will be the next time I put it on!                                                                                                                                                             

Hanging with the Authors


I got to go to a book signing two weeks ago featuring two authors. One writer, Christopher Long, is a veteran writer from Satellite Bch, Fl.  and the other a brilliant author from Canada, Brent Jensen. Both of them write about their exploits in the rebellious world of Rock n Roll. Long’s book “C’MON” is an awesome read that tells of his journey within the inner circle of some of the biggest names in the music industry, his trials and tribulations and finally his rising up from the lowest point in his life. You can get in contact with Mr. Long on his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/AuthorChristopherLong                             I highly recommend this book, it’s an incredible story.


 Author Brent Jensen’s book “No Sleep ‘Till Sudbury” is a fascinating tale of what it was like growing up as a heavy metal and hard rock fan back in the "80’s when you lived in a small town in Ontario. His observations and experiences are well told as his trek through the music world as a fan unfolds. He offers up a great outlook on some of the music and artists that never occurred to me as well as bringing up names of bands that I forgot about such as Kick Axe. You can get in touch with Brent on facebook as well at https://www.facebook.com/#!/brent.jensen1   

               " No Sleep 'Til Sudbury" is a great read!                                                                         

The night was a blast. I got to hang with some cool people and make a few new friends as well. Shot some awesome pictures and had a few beers. I had to turn down a chance to tear up the town with Brent Jensen, Charles Knight and some others because of schoolwork. But, rest assured, the evening was well worth it. Now, go check out these awesome books.

Rocking in the new year


Well things are going great, we have some songs written ready to start recording. It's gonna be some real heavy stuff . Cant wait to get it out.

I HAVE ALSO STARTED A PHOTOS BY tY PAGE, BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT . TtHERE IS SOME COOL STUFF ON THERE. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE US A MESSAGE. it won't kill you. Well that's all right now. Keep checking in. And Order our cd " "Demons within" By Ty Oglesby You can get it on Itunes or Cd Baby. IT's prettyt easy. Go ahead, what are you waiting for????


Hit The Lights


Thursday night and I am looking at another 3 day weekend. It's a good way to ease back into the work schedule. Tomorrow, I head back to the studio with Jay to work on the new material. I am so STOKED about it. This new stuff has been building for a while and Kevin and Jay have really hit the mark so far with what they are writing. I couldn't be happier. The material so far sounds like a mix of metal and metal. Ha! Anyway, I can't wait for you to hear it. It is a take from the "Demons Within" cd but a bit heavier. Stay tuned for updates.

I want to give a shout out to my friends from the band "Who Was I" and their new cd "What I Have Become". Check them out on Face book at https://www.facebook.com/#!/whowasi.thaband for info on their new cd. These guys kickass.

I also want to give a shout out for my buddy Dan and his band "Prophecy Z14". They have a new cd out as well called "Antikythera". It's some heavy stuff. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to piss off the neighbors. You can check them out at, https://www.facebook.com/#!/prophecyz14

Well, nothing but good stuff coming from this camp. I hope everyone had a blistering New Years Eve and have recovered well. I will keep the updates coming on the new tunes as they progress. Keep rocking!

New Year, New Music


 Wow, another year, a new beginning. It's awesome if you think about it. If things really sucked last year, you have a chance to start anew. Take the things you have learned, set new goals and prepair to kick some serious ass! I have some new irons in the fire. Me, Jay and Kevin have started writing some new stuff. We got the basis of one new tune that is going to make a lot of metalheads happy and a few ideas as well. We got the rough idea for the guitars recorded to work off of, but the opening riff and the rhythm guitar is ear blistering. I am super stoked to be working with these guys again. They are awesome musicians and just great guys as well. Me and Kevin can slam some beers together. lol. But, it's great to have a break and be able to play again. School has been kicking my ass but I have set some goals that I can't reach without it.

If you haven't checked out the site in a while, make sure to check out the photos page. I've been seen around town with a camera around my neck lately. Ha! Just another exciting adventure. Let me know what you think, leave a message and get ready for all the things that 2013 will bring!

End of the World


 Wow, The end of the world sure is different than what I expected. It almost feels the same. Anyway, here we are just a few days before Christmas (I celebrate Christmas) and everyone is running around all crazy trying to get stuff done in time, including me. I have pretty much given up for the day. I'm sitting here have an ice cold homebrew thinking about all the things that I still have to do. It can be a crazy time of year if you let it. I am hoping for some time to do some writing over the next couple of weeks. We have been planning to for a while but things get in the way. Anyhow, I'm gonna have another cold one and think of everyone in my life. I wish you an awesome, awesome Christmas. Take time to tell people how much they mean to you, life is short. Keep rockin!

New Stuff


Wow ! Hard to believe that it has been 4 months since I have written anything. School and work has been kicking my ass. I am taking a Comm 1 class and a Video Field production class. The Comm 1 class is nothing but writing and research. holy shit, i think that i have written 1000 pages in this class. It has helped me with the way that i write and has given me more tools. The video production class has helped me with my video work.. I got to shoot a cool video with guitarist kevin connelly. I just got it edited. it is pretty cool. he plays some awesome stuff in the interview. Hopefully i will be able to post it. otherwise you will just have to take my word for it.

I have a few weeks till school starts up again. I am supposed to be recording some new stuff with Jay Grimes and Kevin in the meantime. I will keep everyone posted as it is gonna be the heaviest shit we have done to date. I can't wait to be playing again. stay tuned!

Laughing At Yourself Pt. 2 How Not to catch a Mouse


I love to cook. Especially when it comes to the grill or the smoker. I probably use my grill 3-4 times a week whether it is for chicken, steak, pork or fish and seafood. I think just about everything tastes better off the grill and that is where my story begins.

One evening, I went out to my grill to light it and get it ready to cook my dinner. The electronic igniter has been broke for a while so I have to light it with one of those lighters with the long handle. As I opened the grill, I jumped back. I caught a glimpse of a little gray field mouse. IN MY GRILL! The little bastard looked up at me when I opened the lid and hauled ass. It totally freaked me out. He disappeared under my deck. Well a few days later, I had forgotten about it and went back out to my grill. When I opened the grill, there he was again. This happened about three more times. The third time, I tried to light the grill real fast but the little squeaker was faster than my lighter. Now I was starting to devise a plan that would eliminate this little bastard. Welllllll, one Saturday I had finished mowing the yard and I drank two or three beers. I looked at the clock and realized that it was dinner time. I started thinking about what to cook for dinner and what choices I had. Chicken was sounding pretty good at that moment so I decided to go get a shower and then start prepping for dinner. I got out of the shower, got dressed and went to the kitchen and cracked another beer and sucked it down. Damn it was tasting good. It was so hot out and the lawn kicked my ass so the ice cold beer went down really smooth. I got the chicken out and seasoned it and got out some veggies and grabbed another beer. I then grabbed my lighter and went out to fire up my gas grill when a little voice in my head, whenever I hear that voice it means trouble, said "GET THE MOUSE THIS TIME!". I walked outside and stopped in front of my grill. I stood there looking at my grill, I raised my beer to my lips and quickly sucked it down. I crunched the beer can and threw it over my shoulder and said out loud, anticipating that the mouse would be there, Alright you little bastard, lets ROCK". I reached down to the gas knobs and turned all four of them on high. I left the lid down and let the gas run for about 30 seconds. I grabbed the handle and got my lighter ready. I opened the lid just enough to put the lighter in and strike it. DAMN! There was a small boom as the gas lit and blew the lid open burning all the hair off of my right forearm and my eyebrows and the hair on the front of my head, well it singed the hell out of it anyway. I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of this little gray mouse whose fur was also on fire. He tried to get out through the top and realized it was too hot so he jumped down the way he always did and ran into the bushes. I stood there for a couple of seconds and saw smoke. Crap, the little gray fireball set the weeds on fire. I ran over to the hose and quickly soaked the bushes, extinguishing the possibility of losing my house and ending up in the newspaper with some of the funniest headlines ever. That little mouse got the last laugh but I have not seen him again. I got his ASS!

Laughing at Yourself (pt.1)


Welcome to the first part of "Laughing at Yourself". I am going to tell some stories about me (all true), that will be considered by some to be funny, stupid or untrue. But, I assure you that the stories will be worthy of retelling. I encourage you to post any stories about yourself that may not have been funny at the time, but looking back, you have to laugh. The following is one of those moments for me and I felt pretty stupid at the time. It would have been a perfect script on an episode of "Tool Time".

It was a really hot summer afternoon here in Melbourne, Fl. I was at my house doing some work in the garage. I had just recently purchased an attic ladder, (you know the kind that pulls down from the ceiling). I had it for about a week and it was still in the box. This is usually a two man job, but I was determined to get it installed by myself. Mainly because I couldn't get anyone to help me. So, after a couple of beers, I came up with a great idea. At least it seemed to be. I mean what could go wrong? Anyway, don't answer that quite yet. It could have ended a lot worse.

I tear the box off of the ladder and read through the instructions and tossed them aside. These instructions did not pertain to me as I had an easier way. I take the folded up attic ladder and ease it up into the attic opening and into the attick, sliding it off to the side, away from the opening. Here is where my ingenious plan comes into play. I took two 2x4's and screwed them across the attic opening and from side to side and climbed into the attic taking my cordless drill with me. I turned on the light. I made sure that I had plenty of three inch long screws. I then grab hold of the still folded up ladder and slide it into the opening and on to the 2x4's that were across the underside of the opening. (So far, so good) Does anyone see anything wrong yet? Well, going ahead with my awesome, awesome plan, I proceed to screw the ladder to the to the rafters that framed out the attic opening using no less than a dozen of those three inch screws. Now, I remind you that it was really hot in the attic as it was the middle of July and I was by myself. Well, after putting in the last screw, it was time to test the ladder. I push down on it expecting it to open up. It doesn't move. I put my foot on it and push, but still nothing. I now have all of my weight on it and it is still not budging. "What the hell is wrong with this thing?" I wondered out loud. Then it hit me like a tank. What a DUMBASS!! The 2x4's that I put across the opening were keeping the ladder from unfolding. Crap! I knew then that I had to take the screws back out. I reached for my drill and as I turned around to pick it up, I broke the lightbulb off with my ass. Now, I am in complete darkness, sweating to death. AARRGH! I start yelling after trying to take the scews out by feeling for them and finally, my girlfriend who just got home from the mall, came out to the garage. I told her to take my drill and unscrew the boards so that I could open the ladder. Of course, she couldn't do that because the damn drill was in the attic with me! DUH! She had to go get my neighbor who brought over his drill and rescued me. I suppose that I would have had to make another opening in the ceiling to get out. Ha. Well, after the boards were taken off, the ladder worked perfectly and still does ten years later.

spiritual pain is only because you care


I'm talking about spiritual pain. Something that is always with you even though you may be happy with your life and yourself. I have wondered, lately, about why I haven't been able to pinpoint the origin of this. Everything seems to be going ok. It's not an emptiness because I have managed to deal with that feeling by blocking it out. It's not my love life because my love life sucks and I know it and am used to that feeling. It is not my job because that sucks also and I knew it when I took it. Its not my friends because they are all idiots and I fit in real well. So, what the fuck? After going over all this crap that makes up this seemingly influential, charismatic character named Ty, I realized all of this alone was enough to make any shrink go crazy, but was not the underlying cause.
I started thinking about my son going to high school this year, and I worry about him being accepted. I thought about the lady at work that is in a coma, and I worry about her family. I think about the hard times that everybody is going through in their own lives, and I worry if they will find the strength to get through it. I worry about the guy that is madly in love with a girl and she continues to hurt him. I worry about the girl who cares about everything and no one knows that she exists. I worry about why people are so cruel and why they don't live each day as if it were their last, why they don't love like they've never been hurt and dance like nobodies watching. I worry about you reading this and thinking that I am crazy, I worry that I might be.
If this doesn't make you think more about life, then I worry about you. Yes, my soul feels pain but it also feels love. It feels love in everything and that is why it hurts. Tell someone that you love them today and never let them forget!

Tunnel Vision


Someone that I know was telling me, and I can relate, how as time passes you can get so used to the way life is going that you can convince yourself that everything is fine. He said that while he was not happy, although there are some happy moments sprinkled here and there, at least he was not miserable, that things could be worse. Then he ran into someone that he had not seen in 20+ years. Suddenly, he said, it was like something turned on a light and all the things that he had blocked out had become visible again. I told him that sometimes we decide to put on blinders in order to not cause more turmoil in our lives. As long as things don't get worse, we will be able to cope. But when your emotions run the edge of a cliff, without the blinders, we see how far we have to fall. There is always something that can slap those makebelieve blinders right off our pointy little heads. Then you find yourself completely off balance and very unhappy about the situation. But, is putting on the blinders something that you have to do, I mean don't you have to pick and choose your battles? You have to over look a lot of crap other wise you end up living your life in a mine field where everystep can be a mess. Where do you draw the line though? Do you have to accept unhappiness because at least you are not miserable? Why does something have to come back around years later and slap the blinders off your head?



Happy New Year, everyone. It appears that we made it through the holidays in one piece and we are cranking up for another year. 2012 is already looking to be even bigger and better for me. There are a few more reviews coming out about the cd and if past reviews are any indication, They will kickass as well. I would like to invite everyone to the online store and pickup the cd. There are a couple of forms to fill out but its pretty easy, or you can head to www.itunes.com, www.bestbuy.com or www.cdbaby.com to pick it up. Come on!!! Lets get the old school metal kicking again.

new options


Just in time for the holidays, you can now order the new "Demons Within" cd @ www.itunes.com and www.bestbuy.com and www.rhapsody.com as well as the website store. If you haven't ordered it yet, what are you waiting for. GET IT, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

Ty Oglesby "DEMONS WITHIN" ripping guitars, soaring vocals, jackhammer drums and savage bass playing and still melodic. Everything a true metal fan wants to hear!!



The comment section is now up and functioning. Make sure to do the "captcha" at the bottom of the comment section before hitting the "sumbmit" button. I have been getting a lot of hits on the site but few comments, so, please take a minute and leave a message. It's much appreciated.

I have added a song to the audio section from the new cd entitled "Pieces of Myself". Check it out if you haven't yet, it will get you amped up and rockin'. If you dig it, head to the "store" page and order the cd. The cd is the perfect Christmas gift for any true metal head.

Finally, the day has arrived...


Well finally. The new cd is out. I will be putting up more tunes in a few days. I am really happy about how things are going. The cd is getting good reviews. I am trying to set this set up so you can leave comments. Please give me some feedback. Let me know how I can make this site better. Thanks for checking in.

I would like to thank all of the guys who helped to make this Cd.   Jay, for his insight and  awesome guitar playing.  Stevie is  the man. He is one talented dude. Thanks for the guitar and vocals. Kevin plays some incredible leads. I was really hard on him in the studio but, the results speak for themselves. Ed is one helluva bass player. He is the "go to" guy when a bass player is needed. Last, Aaron. One badass drummer and a helluva guy. I am proud to call them friends.  I appreciate these guys more than they know. Again, thanks guys! 

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