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Ever had one of those dreams that stayed with you? You know, the ones that feel so real you'd swear that they really happened. The other night I found myself in a strange place. I was by myself and was walking down a path. It had trees and stuff all around but only went straight ahead. There were no side paths so the decision of which way to go was pretty easy. I kept walking for what seemed an hour or so, all the while looking around and checking out everything around me.
I finally came to a clearing, and as I walked out, I realized that it was the end of the path as it came to the edge of a cliff. I walked out to the edge and looked down. It seemed as if I was looking down into heaven. A very majestic waterfall, animals drinking from the water, birds singing. I could almost feel the spray from the waterfall.
Problem being, I was still much too high up and the cliff was pretty steep. No way to climb down, couldn't jump. As I stood there and wondered how the hell I was going to get down there, I looked back at the path that led me to this cliff and this beautiful view. I thought that there was a trail somewhere that I missed, so I took off running back down the path. It seemed as if I ran forever but the path just kept going with no end, so I sat down and thought for a while. I just had to get down to that beautiful place. I bet I ran down that path and back to the cliff a dozen times. I finally settled on the cliff and looked down.
Damn it, I was getting frustrated. I wondered why I couldn't get to this place of my dreams and then it came to me. It wasn't mine to have! So I stared at it for a while, took it all in and smiled. I turned back to the path and started to walk knowing that I was lucky to get that close.

Weird, Huh ?

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