Ty Oglesby

Dreams pt.2

As I looked in the mirror, I smiled knowing that this was the person that I was gonna have to deal with all day. Yeah, there would be others but, bottom line was that none of them would be riding home with me. I knew that I could listen to Slayer if I wanted, talk radio, or I could sing to myself without hearing anybody's opinion.
Suddenly the reflection didn't look familiar it was just an empty shell and a feeling of emptiness took over. I couldn't pinpoint it. I retraced everything from my dream to my private life, which is pretty good. I thought about my job, which I like, my health, which sucks but could be worse. Things are pretty good compared to some. So what is it? I thought of my dream and searched that path in my mind for a trail leading off that I might have missed. Should I be content in the fact that I got a glimpse of what was at the bottom of that cliff? Am I being selfish for trying to get more? Why couldn't I find a way off that cliff? I had enough questions that I could fill that emptiness with. But,it comes back and I still can't put my finger on it. That idiot in the mirror was still looking at me and smiling. Why the fuck is he smiling? He doesn't care, he's just a reflection. And again I ask more questions. Why do I write this crazy shit? Does anyone actually read it? Will anyone notice that I am not this reflection.
Why the hell do I have this empty feeling?
Time to get to work. I jump in my truck and head down the road. Damnit, my gas light just came on.

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