Ty Oglesby

Finally, the day has arrived...

Well finally. The new cd is out. I will be putting up more tunes in a few days. I am really happy about how things are going. The cd is getting good reviews. I am trying to set this set up so you can leave comments. Please give me some feedback. Let me know how I can make this site better. Thanks for checking in.

I would like to thank all of the guys who helped to make this Cd.   Jay, for his insight and  awesome guitar playing.  Stevie is  the man. He is one talented dude. Thanks for the guitar and vocals. Kevin plays some incredible leads. I was really hard on him in the studio but, the results speak for themselves. Ed is one helluva bass player. He is the "go to" guy when a bass player is needed. Last, Aaron. One badass drummer and a helluva guy. I am proud to call them friends.  I appreciate these guys more than they know. Again, thanks guys! 

                          Kevin                           ED                             Aaron


                                                    Jay                           Stevie


Name: Andrew Marcus Email: spookyrecords@cfl.rr.com Comment: This is no nonsense, kick ass old school rock record. With totally inspiring words, laid upon a sonic landscape of pure balls to the wall guitars, bass, and drums, the way records are supposed to be made. I definitely recommend this record to in every rocker stocking young and old, just straight up great stuff.
Rockin songs. Reminds me of old Priest! keep up the good work!
Fun project glad to be a part of it.... good job ty!!
Demons Within is my favorite track. You guys rock!!
The new tunes are awesome. Can't wait to see you live.

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