Ty Oglesby

Fond Memories

It’s been a while since I had anything to write about. It’s also been a while since I had the time to sit down and put my thoughts on paper. I really don’t know what direction this writing will go in, but, I know the words will find their path.

I was talking to friend the other day about the old days. We talked about growing up in our neighborhood and things that we did when we were younger. What fond memories they are and that is what they should remain. He said to me “You know, Ty, I wouldn’t give two cents to live those days over but, I wouldn’t take a million dollars for the memories.”

It got me thinking and he was right. Those times are what made us. The good times, the bad, the new relationships, the break-ups are what shaped us and there is a reason why they are in our past. I try to learn from my mistakes and not make them again. I am not saying that everything I did was a mistake, but in a way it was. When I look back it seems that everything was just practice. It was getting us to a place that was real. We had to find the things that worked and figure out the things that were no good. I guess that is life. Just trying to figure it out as we go. Some catch on some don’t. I can honestly say that I am not the same person that I was as a teen or young man in his twenties. Sure, there are still some tell-tale personality traits such as my twisted sense of humor and that I still love imported beer. But, I like to think that my life choices and just life in general has made me a much gentler more patient person. I think that I make better choices and have better friends. While I don’t hang with the same people as when I was younger, it’s always good to see them again. I may take a drive through the old neighborhood from time to time and look at the house that I grew up in. It always makes me smile. My old friends, I love them like family and love seeing them from time to time but my path has taken me in another direction and has brought new people into my circle. It has taken me from a surfing life into music and now I see that changing more and more. We continue to evolve and the things we used to love evolve as well. There are game changing moments both good and bad. Some make you happy to be alive and some make you stop dead in your tracks and take a second look at yourself. Either way, those are the moments that remain. That party that you were at the other night was a good time and you may have pictures to remind you but someone in that room had their life changed that night and will remember that moment differently for the rest of their life. When you see your old friends and you see the lines on their face and some gray hair, remember that their life kept going for them too. They had a different trail to blaze. The journey winds on and some are weathering a storm some are enjoying the calm before the storm, it goes on and on. The past is the past and you can’t go back don’t try. Accept what lies ahead and take a path less traveled, enjoy the scenery because this too, will be just a fond memory someday.


i remember the days in Our neighborhood , yeh it was fun, it was bad, but it did in deed shape us all into our own people, we all had a learning experience to go through. most of us made to be the age we are now and hopefully we learned a lesson from each other as we grew. personally i Loved those days and would never give up my memories from then. ah hell even my mom remembers most of ya'll from then, what a 16th b-day she gave , not for just me, but the whole neighborhood was there... happy days from the past but today they are fond memories.... thanks man.
You can't go back. You have to burn those bridges.
I was having a similar conversation with a buddy the other day. Good read.
I loved it!

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