Ty Oglesby

Nothing Is Free, Especially Time!

There comes a time when one has to draw a line when it comes to doing things for free. There will always be those people that you could never take money from and those are usually the people that wouldn't ask you to do favors either. Some people on the other hand see no harm in asking for a favor that usually ends up taking a huge amount of your time. The thing about someone asking for a favor is that the person never seems to accept the possibility of the answer being "no". If the answer that they get is "no", quite usually they get upset and take it personally. Listen, if you ask someone for a favor, understand that they have a right to turn you down and if they agree to grant your request, you better be prepared to do something in return or to show some sort of gratitude. Just recently, I was coming out of one of my classes at school and there was a black woman who had a 20 something year old daughter with her. They were standing by their car with the hood up. The woman asked me if I could give her a jump start as she had a dead battery. I have no problems helping someone out when they are in need, this is not the kind of favor I am talking about, although it is a fitting example because of how it went down. I told the woman (notice that I didn't say lady?) that it was no problem and I pulled my truck over and got my jumper cables out. This woman says to me " The only reason you came to help was because of her" and she nodded towards her daughter. I replied "No, you asked for my help and I am giving it to you."

She then says to me "I don't even know how to use those cables." I looked at her and said "It's easy, you put the red side on the positive terminal and the black on the negative."  She makes an ugly face and replies, "I'm black, does that mean I'm negative?"

I should have told her yes, but I proceeded with a smile and said "Not yet."  I got the car started, disconnected my cables and put them in my truck. She never even said thanks, but she did say "Now you can talk to my girl, that's what you wanted anyway." The nerve. Anyway, back to what I was talking about.

For the last four years, I have been back in school and during that time, I did a lot of camera work and video work for free just to hone my craft. A lot of it was done without a single grain of appreciation from the ones that I did it for. I finally graduated with an A.S. in Digital Media. I am no longer anyone's intern, I do not need to do work for free to get my name out there, I need to make money. I have to make money. Shooting a video takes a lot more time than just pointing a camera. That is the easy part. The editing and production is what takes time.

Just saying. A favor is a favor and everyone wants a good deal, but think about what you are asking of someone and show some appreciation. Don't be an ass and expect that they will do it just because you asked. And don't be surprised when they ask you for a favor somewhere down the road.

Be gracious and appreciative. Respect others and their trades and most of all.... Love each other! 

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