Ty Oglesby

spiritual pain is only because you care

I'm talking about spiritual pain. Something that is always with you even though you may be happy with your life and yourself. I have wondered, lately, about why I haven't been able to pinpoint the origin of this. Everything seems to be going ok. It's not an emptiness because I have managed to deal with that feeling by blocking it out. It's not my love life because my love life sucks and I know it and am used to that feeling. It is not my job because that sucks also and I knew it when I took it. Its not my friends because they are all idiots and I fit in real well. So, what the fuck? After going over all this crap that makes up this seemingly influential, charismatic character named Ty, I realized all of this alone was enough to make any shrink go crazy, but was not the underlying cause.
I started thinking about my son going to high school this year, and I worry about him being accepted. I thought about the lady at work that is in a coma, and I worry about her family. I think about the hard times that everybody is going through in their own lives, and I worry if they will find the strength to get through it. I worry about the guy that is madly in love with a girl and she continues to hurt him. I worry about the girl who cares about everything and no one knows that she exists. I worry about why people are so cruel and why they don't live each day as if it were their last, why they don't love like they've never been hurt and dance like nobodies watching. I worry about you reading this and thinking that I am crazy, I worry that I might be.
If this doesn't make you think more about life, then I worry about you. Yes, my soul feels pain but it also feels love. It feels love in everything and that is why it hurts. Tell someone that you love them today and never let them forget!


I know this post is older, but this is deep. When I said I feel lost right now on my status and you directed me to read your page, and you would guide me, you really have shown me the way. Life is not always what you expect it to be, just have to take one day at a time. but sometimes that one day is a like a fuckin nightmare.

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