Ty Oglesby

The Evolving Saga

I was going back through my post from May and it still amazes me that things are still changing. I wonder how someone grows away from something. It's amazing to me that someone can love something so much and be so dedicated to it, but over time start losing their passion for it. Why do we grow away from things? Why do we lose our passion for things? I am talking about music and playing music, because for me it was all I wanted to do. Singing in a metal band was my passion. It was what inspired me, but somewhere along the way, I started to lose interest and I quit putting in the effort. I can't quite put my finger on the turning point. It just gradually happened. There were a few life changing moments that had nothing to do with music that did make me simplify the things that were truly important, but I always thought that my music and lyrics were important because I had so much to say and it was my way of venting.

Going back to school to get my degree became important. I knew that I would never make it playing music. I have seen so many bands come and go, people that have basically sold their soul for music and have their band fall apart only to have to start the chasing of the dream all over again. I can't do it. I have been there too many times. So many in fact, that just getting up on stage and singing a song does nothing for me anymore. I know to put a band together again would take a lot of work to be done right. It would require a lot of late nights, personnel changes, writing, rehearsing, drama. I no longer have the interest for it. About the closest I am willing to get to the music scene now, is shooting photos of live bands. That can be fun and I am getting into the photography thing more and more through school as well as video editing. I have a chance to make a living doing this and will continue to perfect my craft. It's a welcome change and a positive one. I have mad respect for people who continue to chase their dreams. At least they know what they are. I just know that I am supposed to be somewhere else, not here.


Change is one of the best parts of life, without change we would never grow and everything would always be the same. Along with change gives you the opportunity to re-event yourself; so embrace it and enjoy the ride!
I feel you. I have sold all of my stuff before. Now I just have a few small things in case I get the urge to jam in my garage. Even that stuff has dust on it. I put new strings on my guitar about4 months ago and still haven't touched it.
been there, bro. Sold my drums when it seemed like I was chasing my tail, went to school, got my degrees. Keep on keeping on. It's not as hard as it seems.

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