Ty Oglesby

Tunnel Vision

Someone that I know was telling me, and I can relate, how as time passes you can get so used to the way life is going that you can convince yourself that everything is fine. He said that while he was not happy, although there are some happy moments sprinkled here and there, at least he was not miserable, that things could be worse. Then he ran into someone that he had not seen in 20+ years. Suddenly, he said, it was like something turned on a light and all the things that he had blocked out had become visible again. I told him that sometimes we decide to put on blinders in order to not cause more turmoil in our lives. As long as things don't get worse, we will be able to cope. But when your emotions run the edge of a cliff, without the blinders, we see how far we have to fall. There is always something that can slap those makebelieve blinders right off our pointy little heads. Then you find yourself completely off balance and very unhappy about the situation. But, is putting on the blinders something that you have to do, I mean don't you have to pick and choose your battles? You have to over look a lot of crap other wise you end up living your life in a mine field where everystep can be a mess. Where do you draw the line though? Do you have to accept unhappiness because at least you are not miserable? Why does something have to come back around years later and slap the blinders off your head?


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You are right,Lisa. You tend to forget about the things you were once looking for. Before you know it, you find yourself comparing yourself to others and feeling empty.
I think that you get comfortable with your environment.You start to forget the things that you could have that would make you happier, the things that you may have had at one time but doesnt seem to be around at this point in your life.

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