Ty Oglesby

What Are You Missing?

So, you finally got your promotion. You have been working for years to get where you are now. You may even have friends over to celebrate or you may be out having a few drinks with those friends, but as everyone heads home and you are finally alone with your thoughts. What do you think of? Sure, maybe for a moment you may smile to yourself, but then as that thought fades to make room for reality, that empty feeling comes back. Why? What are you missing? You thought that empty feeling would go away once you got that promotion. You thought that it was just because you spent so much time away from your family and life in general and that once you reached your goal, that empty feeling would go away. Now that the celebration is over the thoughts come rushing back. The feeling is familiar, you know it well. You had it before. You filled it with countless hours away from life, holed up in the office trying to get that promotion, thinking that it was what was missing.

Actually, you started working so many more hours to try to escape that emptiness and made yourself believe that it was for the better. You made yourself believe that if you could make more money, you could provide a "better" life for you and your family. Do you remember that night on your sons 16th birthday? Remember when he was counting on you to be at his birthday party but you couldn't because you were working late. You said that you would make it up to him, but you can't make up a 16th birthday. Do you remember your daughters prom night? Remember how you said that you would be there at the house to take pictures when her date showed up? You called her on the phone to say that you had an important meeting and couldn't get home for several more hours. What about the wife who was counting on you to be there to share these special moments together, yet you left her feeling alone and lonely. But, wow! You got that promotion! That should fix everything right? Where is your family? Let's see. Your son got married and lives about 3 hours away. Your daughter is a senior in college and is engaged to be married. All this happened while you were at that meeting. Where is your wife, or should I say ex-wife. Once the kids were gone, she figured that if she was going to be lonely, she could do that just as easy without you. She left you two years ago.

So here you are, alone with your thoughts. What was it that makes this emptiness feel so familiar. When did you first notice it? Remember getting the game ball that night in your senior year as your football team cellibrated winning the championships? You looked up in the stands for your fathers approval, but he wasn't there. He was at a meeting. Emptiness. Remember graduating college and thinking that it was all down hill from there? Emptiness. Remember thinking that once you got married, you would feel fulfilled? Emptiness. What about thinking that when you had kids that the circle would be complete? Emptiness.  You have spent your whole life searching for the missing puzzle piece. Always finding your old friend, Emptiness. You have to understand, he has always been there for you.

So what are you missing? Is it the new car? The new job? The new TV? These things will fill the whole of emptiness for a very short time. Actually, they don't. They just help to take your mind off of it for a while and when you slow down enough to think, ole Emptiness is sitting right there beside you.

Why won't this feeling go away? What is it?

Let me introduce you to "Contentment". 

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